About Advantage Dental Careers

Our school was founded to give students the opportunity to become a dental assistant without incurring significant student loans. Our program will prepare students to be successful in a dental office.

Everyone that you will interact with during the program has a vast knowledge of the dental field, and as a collective team we have over 70 years of dental knowledge working for you.

Our approach is simple-to provide you with an environment where you can learn the skills necessary to be successful.  We believe that we can do that best in a dental office rather than in a classroom.  This will help you be ready to work in a dental office in partnership with a licensed Dentist.

Our goal is to prepare you to start working right after graduation, and to provide you with the tools you will need to successfully find a position once you leave school.


  • We offer classes on Fridays and Saturdays: This schedule permits you to work during your training, allowing you to meet financial obligations while you complete your program.
  • We have flexible payment options.  We take payment in a variety of forms for your convenience.
  • Our classes are held in an actual dental office, giving you hands-on experience with all of the latest technology and equipment.
  • We have small class sizes, giving you more one-on-one instruction and allowing you to have more time to practice individually.
  • Our instructors are top-notch, experienced, and very knowledgeable in the dental field. You will be taught in many areas of dental assisting, and leave the program ready to begin your new career as a dental assistant.
  • Included in your program with us, we offer you the following:

CPR Certification

2 pairs of Scrubs and a lab jacket

Help with a professional Resume

Interviewing tips and practice

Follow up training sessions

Instruction available to assist you even after you have graduated


Be Passionate and Determined: Our team is committed to helping our students achieve their personal best while delivering our personal best. Our passion for dentistry is delivered in our interactions with each student we work with.

Team Work: The ADC team works in partnership with each student to provide an individualized learning experience. We work together as a team to address each student’s educational goals and needs.

Communication: We work together to as a team to deliver consistent and constant communication to ensure the success of each person we work with.